Our story begins when a young woman named Crystal discovers a mirror that mystically transports her to other times and places, particularly a certain group of countries at some time in the 1400s.

She is given a sword and other tools to combat a great evil in the land, and she meets a prince and falls in love.

Each book in the trilogy continues the story of our time traveling heroine as she learns that one of the ancient civilizations had anticipated her arrival, refering to her as the Angel of the Dawn.




The world of Crystal Dreams is very complex.

Crystal has a home in the present time, but travels to an unknown set of countries at or around the 1400s.

She mostly walks everywhere, but on occasion, transports herself back to the present, or even into the future and sometimes to an even more distant past.

C rystal spends time at more than one palace, in a cell, captured as a prisoner, and rescued by a madman.

She gets carried off to several places, meets a princess and narrowly escapes death.

She discovers hidden mythical places and explores this amazing world with all of it's unusual attributes, eventually settling down to a quieter life.