LOCATION:   The location for most of our story comes from a group of countries located in an unknown corner of the world, and mostly set in the 1400s. Each country is relatively small, and some lost many of their structures in a great war two hundred years earlier. Nevertheless, they are each governed by a king or other ruler, the position usually being passed through bloodlines, generation to generation.

WEALTH:   Each country enjoys enough prosperity that nobody is starving, and anyone wishing to work would have no problem finding it. Many are soldiers, and are provided with uniforms, weapons and horses, in addition to food and housing. Some were not affected as much by the great war, and these countries seem to be more prosperous.

LANGUAGE:   Although most of these people have their own languages, English is understood as a common tongue. Cultures vary widely, as does methods of government and traditions regarding marriage, enforcement of laws, and other matters.

DISTANCE:   The distance between each country varies but is generally a five to ten-day ride on horseback. Crystal walks most of the time, and it takes her much longer to get anywhere.

EVIL:   One country is considered the source of the evil that people occasionally feel, and the road past is seldom used. This is the location of the mineral known as Dark Inertia which affects people (and all of nature) in a negative way.

GEOGRAPHICAL FEATURES:   There are bodies of water, mountain ranges, canyons, forests, deserts and many other geographical features. Some mythical areas remain to be discovered by Crystal, and then shared with the people of the area.

CLIMATE:   The climate is generally moderate, with no snow, and rarely hot. There are only two areas with tropical climates, the top of the Waterfall of Tatiana, and another area known simply as Thermia.

TIMING:   Most of our story takes place in the world of the 1400s, but some takes place in the present time, a little in the future, and even a little in the 1200s. All events become a part of one big story.