The legend had been passed on for generations. One day a maiden from a distant land would come to bring about a change to the nations of the time. Little did Crystal know that day on her way home that the mirror she'd buy would be a portal to this place and time, and that she was to become this Angel of the Dawn.

But there would be other characters in her story, and some of them not so nice. One in particular lived in the present time and she had encountered him and his assistant on more than one occasion. But in the 1400s, in the lands that she grew to love, he was changed into a true face of evil, and she was to fight evil in that time. In fact, the mirror had been directed to her for this very purpose.

In the 1400s, in the lands on the other side of the mirror, she was a warrior, a powerful woman who had been given special tools with which to fight this evil, an evil substance they called Dark Inertia, which rendered the hearts and souls of people weakened and sad, and willing to do the work of the evil ruler.

But Crystal had also fallen in love with a prince, though she wondered if he felt the same way. This distraction caused her to go off-course in her mission and it failed. She vowed to return, and return she did, not once but twice.

Each volume in this trilogy tells of another voyage to the lands beyond the mirror, where Crystal tries to combat the evil in the land, sometimes having success, but often not.