Part of Crystal's mission to defeat evil is to return to the present time on occasion to warn the world of its need to change things for the better. She does this by singing in a band known as GODI which stands for Garden of Dark Inertia.

In addition to performing with a full orchestra and choir, here are the main members of the band, GODI:

John conceived the songs of GODI and is the force behind the creation of the band. He envisioned an orchestrated sound combined with a hard rock band, creating all of GODI's material. He usually plays a Gibson SG but sometimes prefers a custom instrument which consists of a guitar with a controller keyboard mounted below it.

The character 'Crystal Dreams' is portrayed and sung by Callie Piticco, a very talented young singer who was initially brought into the group as the vocalist. As the vision of GODI grew, it eventually meant bringing in other vocalists in addition to Crystal. Yet, it is Crystal who will always be the primary voice of GODI.

Aladak's vocals are sung by Matthieu Cameron, a very talented young man with an amazing voice. Aladak's role in the band is to be the vocal counterpoint for Crystal. His vocals are powerful and yet he has a delicate element to his singing that creates a lot of emotion for the listener.

Alec came to us near the beginning, when John was looking to expand on the guitar sound for the band. He takes care of the acoustic and spanish guitar parts, but can shred like the best of them when necessary. Though it is John who plays all of the guitar solos in the band, Alec provides the all-important backing to frame those solos and cement the sounds into one.

Although it would be nice to perform and record with a full symphony orchestra, we've had to do the best we are able to with keyboards. Gil provides all of the orchestrated tracks that simulate the orchestra for GODI, which is no small task. He has a unique ability to think like a player of each of the instruments he emulates, rather than always thinking as a keyboardist. This brings about a level of symphonic realism seldom heard in orchestral rock.

When we found Hans and Zak, we knew they were capable of providing the solid foundation we wanted for GODI. Hans plays a Fender Precision bass for the rockier portions of the songs, but also is equally skilled on his five string fretless Yamaha for other portions of the music. He seems to have a knack for pulling out the right feel that blends perfectly with the other instruments, and especially with the drums.

Zak and Hans were playing in another band for years before we found them, and they certainly know how to lay down a strong foundation. In GODI, Zak also plays all kinds of percussion instruments, creating the ethnic sounds of distant Zarabad, as though it were a real place and time which he could be influenced by. We love his drumming style for the rock songs, simple, powerful, and full of feeling.

GODI - The Golden Mirror

Crystal's band, GODI, actually released their first music CD in 2012. A second CD was planned and some music was written for it.

Sadly, this CD is no longer available as all original copies sold out.