This is the Crystal Dreams from the 1400s, which is the time period for most of the story.

She is usually carrying a staff and wearing a sword amulet around her neck, which sometimes transforms into a full-sized sword.


This is Crystal when she arrives in the present time, to sing her message to the world in an attempt to improve the future.

She will generally appear dressed this way at a concert, then be whisked back to the 1400s once the concert has ended.


Mordam is the evil leader of the area which contains the mineral known as Dark Inertia, which pollutes the hearts, minds and souls of anyone in it's proximity.

He hates Crystal and wishes to turn her to help him in his reign of evil.


Merlina is Mordam's assistant who travelled with him from the present time. Her heart was also darkened and is an enemy of Crystal.

Mordam and Merlina feel they can be a powerful team who Crystal won't be able to defeat.


Aladak is a prince from a nearby country who Crystal first meets upon her arrival here.

Although she feels love for him, he can't find words to tell her how he feels, so their unrequited love distracts Crystal from her real reason to have been brought to this time and place.


As ruler of nearby Erstnor, King Borgallath is the most down-to-earth, friendly ruler in the land.

He is no stranger to battle or hard work though, and offers much to the story, and especially as a friend to Crystal.

These are but a few of the many characters you'll come to know and follow in their advtures with Crystal in the Angel of the Dawn series.